Charger Commissioning


Epic Charging Inc. is a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging software, committed to ensuring the integrity and security of its products and services. This document outlines the recommended steps for partners to successfully pre-commission charging stations.

Company Information

- Name: Epic Charging Inc.
- Address: 131 Industrial Way, Ste 2, Belmont, CA 94002
- Contact:


These standards apply to all software and software-related products developed and supplied by Epic Charging Inc.

Epic Charging created and periodically updates a library of User Guides to help partners and charger hosts commission and operate charging stations by using our platform.

Information Required to Commission a Charger
Charger Commissioning Steps

1. Configure the Endpoint URL on the Charger:
  • Set the Endpoint URL to wss://
2. Install the SIM Card:
  • If the SIM card is provided by Epic Charging, configure the APN to super.
3. Log in to Your Epic Charging Account.
4. Create a New Location and Add the charger to your account.
5. Activate a One-Day License:
  • Activate a one-day license to test the charger. If the SIM card is provided by Epic, it will activate automatically approximately 2 minutes after you activate the one-day license.
6. Configure the Charger Activation Methods:
7. Conduct a Charging Test Session:
  • To test the QR code, the pre-authorized amount and rates can be configured as zero.
Providing Access to the Location for the Charger Host

  1. Navigate to the location you are working on and click on the ‘Sharing settings’ button.
  2. Input the email address of the charger host administrator and determine the access level.
  3. Choose ‘Owner’ for the charger host to have full access to the Epic Charging Platform or ‘View only’ for limited access.
  4. The new user will receive an automatic invitation from the Epic Charging platform. Once accepted, the newly created Location with chargers will automatically appear in the administrator’s account with all the pre-configured settings.
Other User Guides for Commissioning Chargers