Find chargers, Earn rewards and Pay in one Epic App
Epic Charging revolutionizes your EV charging experience, offering seamless access and payment across major EV charger networks. With our app, you're not just finding the nearest charging station; you're entering a world where charging your electric vehicle is as easy as tapping your screen.
Features You Will Love
  • Search available charging stations and build routes in Google and Apple Maps
  • Access detailed information and make payments at thousands of EV charging stations across multiple networks
  • Effortlessly pay for your charge across a variety of networks without the hassle of multiple accounts or physical cards
  • Receive email and push notifications for the charging sessions
  • Access your charging history and costs
Earn and Use Epic Rewards
  • Earn up to 50 Epic Rewards per year
  • Each 1ER equals $1
  • Use Epic Rewards to pay for charging
Connect your Electric Vehicle
End-to-end encryption ensures complete safety and security of your data.
Add your electricity meter
Connecting utility data allows your to participate in programs that help support the electrical grid.
Start enjoying your Epic Rewards!
You'll get Epic Rewards right away and can use them for in-app purchases.
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