Epic User Guide

Load Control

Epic Charging allows you to share one electric circuit among multiple charging stations and/or control the charging load of the site to avoid utility demand charges.

1. Make sure an Epic Pro license is purchased for each charging station.

2. Start by navigating to the 'Locations' tab within your Epic account.

3. Click on the Location you want to configure, then click on the 'Load Control' tab.

4. Click on the ‘+ Add Group’ button. For Level 2 chargers, the limit can be configured in Amps, and for DC chargers, it can be configured in kW. AC and DC chargers can’t be mixed in one group. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button to save changes.
"Max Current" settings for the group and individual chargers must adhere to the NEC 125% rule. Please see the examples below:

  • For a 100A circuit breaker, the Maximum Current should be set to 80A.
  • For a 50A circuit breaker, the Maximum Current should be set to 40A.

5. Click on the plus sign icon to select chargers for the newly created Load Control group.

6. Click on the Load Control scale to further adjust the power limit. The new power limit will apply after clicking on the 'Save changes' button.

7. To remove a charger from the group, click on the cross next to the charger ID.

8. The Groups can be further modified or removed under the 'Charger Groups' section at the bottom of the page.