Greentree Sportsplex - EV Charging Case Study

Find out how the Greentree Sportsplex used DC Fast
Charging to increase revenues and customer retention
Melissa McCalisn, the CEO of Greentree Sportsplex in Pittsburgh, was looking for a new way to provide value to its current and prospective customers.

With its renowned indoor facilities, the Sportsplex is known in the Mid Atlantic region as an excellent place to host competitions and tournaments. McCalisn knew that its clientele and their families traveled from far destinations to compete at her sports complex. Interestingly, there were very few options for people who traveled in an electric vehicle.

Despite being situated in Pennsylvania's second-largest city, publicly available DC Fast charging was significantly underdeveloped in the metro area. The area’s insufficient charging infrastructure posed challenges for tournament attendees driving an electric vehicle (“EV”) and it created an opportunity for the Greentree Sportsplex.

As McCaslin looked for EV Charging options, she quickly became overwhelmed by the amount of information available online and decided to contract with txlEV, one of our B2B reseller partners, which is an infrastructure consulting firm with experience deploying over 600 fleet electric vehicles and hundreds of EV chargers.

“The first we did was help McCaslin decide if level 2 or DC fast charging made the most sense for her business”, said Tom Troxell, president of txlEV. “We also helped her apply for the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit, procure the right charging equipment and software, and install the station.” We decided to deploy a DC fast charger powered by Epic Charging software for the following reasons:

  • The facility's parking lot is frequently at capacity. By utilizing a single dual-port DC charger, the Greentree Sportsplex could serve a large number of customers without taking up much precious parking space.
  • The property was already serviced by a 480v 3 phase power supply with enough excess capacity to supply a DC Fast charger without rewriting a utility upgrade.
  • The facility is located close to the busiest highway in the metro area and installing a DC charger created an opportunity to attract new customers to the Greentree Sportsplex.

“Our site acquisition analysis showed that the Greentree Sportsplex was strategically located within 10 miles of Pittsburgh International Airport, making it an excellent refueling point for rental car customers returning their electric vehicles”, said Tom Troxell. “In the other direction was Heinz Field and PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates which made this destination very valuable during game days”.
Greentree Sportsplex installed an Autel Maxicharger DC-Fast 100kW machine powered by the Epic Charging network. In the first 6 months of operation, the charging station has maintained an uptime of 100% and its monthly revenues have surpassed $1,000 per month.

Using the Epic Price Engine, TXLEV helped the Greentree Sportsplex implement a pricing strategy that maximizes value for the business:

  • Cheap rates for loyal customers
  • Variable pricing for busy periods
  • Parking fees to encourage drivers to move fully-charged vehicles
Thanks to TXLEV’s expertise, Melissa McCaslin secured excellent pricing on equipment, received a 30% tax credit., and has launched a popular EV charging destination.

With the simple to use app-free payments from Epic, the Greentree Sportsplex has become a leader in the electric mobility industry in Pennsylvania.