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Introducing the Epic Supply Program

At the beginning of this series on our commitment to delivering epic customer service, we introduced 4 strategic pillars:

In this last article we’ll talk about why our team created the Epic Supply Program and how that helps our partners succeed.

About Our Industry
The EV Charging value chain is comprised of the following players:

  • Manufacturers (they make charging station hardware)
  • Wholesale distributors (they purchase large quantities from manufacturers and distribute chargers)
  • EV charging developers (they perform some or all of the following functions: design EV charging projects, source equipment, manage the installation, operate, maintain, and in some cases finance)
  • Contractors (they install and maintain charging equipment)
  • Software companies (create software applications and provide connectivity for your charging stations - picture the benefits of owning a phone with apps vs. a flip phone without apps)

At Epic Charging, we are a software company that provides B2B solutions for each type of company in the value chain list provided above. For example, at the time of writing this post, we have already certified and support over 60 charging station models. Instead of selling to site hosts, we focus on enabling our B2B partners to succeed.

The Value of a trusted Network
When we certify and deploy charging hardware from various manufacturers, our engineering team collects the real-life performance metrics of various models which allows us to efficiently troubleshoot EV charger and installation issues in addition to launching new valuable features for end users.

We soon discovered that charger manufacturers could improve their customer service and profitability by leveraging our technical excellence in problem solving. As we expanded our network of B2B partners, we also began to implement solutions to create additional value for all of our customers. For example, after receiving feedback from various installation partners, our team began implementing credit card reader integrations on various level 2 charging stations. Now you can buy charging stations from manufacturers that don't have a native credit card reader and request an integration through the Epic Charging Platform.

We also realized that some distributors and developers experienced difficulties securing competitively priced hardware due to their order volume or past experience working with specific brands. The role our team plays in these situations is to connect buyers and sellers to create more opportunities for growth across various players in the value chain. As a result, several of our B2B partners joined the Epic Supply Program to offer an alternative to Chargepoint.

Ultimately, we realized that our B2B partners could grow their business by having access to reliable and competitively priced hardware. Hence, we started certifying EV charging hardware from leading manufacturers and created the Epic Supply Program as a solution to create more value for our B2B partners.

About the Epic Supply Program
Let’s be clear about one thing, we are a SaaS company offering enterprise solutions and we do not compete with our B2B partners. Instead, we deliver epic customer service by providing unbiased advice and making valuable connections that help our partners offer a better EV charging experience.

That being said, we realized that we could grow the size of the pie for all of our B2B customers by making it easier for them to access a wide range of EV charging hardware that is backed by our promise of delivering epic customer service.

Our Epic Supply Program allows any of our B2B partners to gain access to the services and hardware from any of our other B2B partners when it helps them grow their business. Some of our customers use the program to identify hardware that fits a specific use case, such as Vehicle-to-Grid integration while others ask for our help to source equipment backed by our epic customer service promise.

Case study: Why TMH chose Epic
One example of our Epic Supply Program participants is The Mobility House, a global player in the energy space. Their ChargePilot intelligent energy management system is used across thousands of fleets in the world to achieve operational cost savings.

The Mobility House sources hardware from our Epic Supply Program because they know it has been certified to function with their system and they trust in our epic problem solving capabilities. During one of their deployments, a school bus operator experienced unexpected delays in a project roll out and our team was able to effectively collaborate with TMH to minimize service interruptions. In the end, the site host was happy with the service they received and placed an additional order for 5x more chargers (you can read more about the case study here).

We have a rigorous testing process for EV charging equipment and partnerships with various industry leaders. This allows us to offer competitively priced EV charging solutions paired with epic customer service (utility and state incentives, timely responses, and better problem solving).

Contact our team to learn about our epic customer promise or fill out this form to join our Epic Supply Program.