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Epic Charging stands for epic customer service

As a technology company in the EV charging industry, we get to work with a variety of site hosts (organizations that are installing charging stations on their property) and have learned a lot about what makes an EV charging program successful.

We find that many site hosts place most of their focus on the upfront costs of their system (construction and hardware) without considering what implications their decisions will have on their ability to operate a successful EV charging program.

People are often delighted to hear that Epic Charging stands for epic customer service and that providing a positive customer experience is a critical component of our success. Unfortunately, too many site hosts have complained about the customer service they received during and after their EV charging installation. Quite frankly, some of our competitors have created a perception in the market that EV charging is synonymous with unreliable customer service. We are on a path to change this perception.

Our commitment to delivering epic customer service consists of 4 key pillars:

Today we’ll have a discussion about the first pillar and over the next few posts we will be outlining in more detail what each of the other components mean.

Qualifying for utility and state incentives

Organizations who install charging infrastructure can save thousands of dollars by applying for utility and state incentives. However, the qualification process for these programs varies by geography and organization. Electric utilities also differ in their qualification requirements and approval process for EV charging software and hardware. These geographical inconsistencies make it difficult for EV Charging infrastructure providers to offer consistent programs and for site hosts to choose the hardware and software they prefer.

Our team is committed to making EV charging accessible and affordable which is why our company has qualified for leading incentive programs across the US including SCE Charge Ready, CALeVIP, Drive Green New Jersey and others. Being an approved vendor on these programs is one of the ways that we deliver value to our customers.

There are various ways that we incorporate this pillar into our everyday operations. For example, one of our software reseller partners (an EV infrastructure developer) recently approached us with a request to qualify for a new local state incentive program in the east coast. Understanding the importance of this incentive to help our partner close sales, our operations quickly deployed resources to get certified with their local state agency and became an approved vendor within weeks. Our quick implementation resulted in a higher win rate for our partner.

Another way that we incorporate this pillar into our everyday operations is by vetting and certifying EV charging hardware from various manufacturers. Many utility and state incentive programs have a specific list of vendors that are approved. Our software partners regularly request that new hardware be added to the Epic Charging software platform. In fact, our engineering team has created an industry leading program for testing and qualifying new hardware within a matter of weeks. We’ve gotten so good at it that many of our EV charging manufacturers have unofficially crowned us as one of the most technically proficient OCPP-providers because of how effective our testing and certification process has become.


Epic Charging is committed to delivering epic customer service for you by making it easier to qualify for local state and utility incentives. That is why we have established strong partnerships with EV infrastructure providers and built a reputation for our technical excellence among a growing network of EV hardware manufacturers.

To continue learning about our commitment to epic customer service, check out our blog post about the second pillar - providing responsive and reliable service, or contact our team.