Idaho Conservation League - EV Charging Case Study

Find out how this non-profit implemented an epic
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Keeping Idaho Wild
Meet the Idaho Conservation League
Welcome to the wild world of Idaho Conservation League, where passion meets purpose in the pursuit of protecting a wild Idaho. The Idaho Conservation League (ICL) works to protect and restore the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the land and wildlife you love—for now and future generations. Since 1973, ICL has been building a robust conservation community and creating commonsense solutions to protect and restore Idaho’s special places, fish, and wildlife.

With offices in Boise, Ketchum, McCall, and Sandpoint, as well as staff in Seattle, ICL works across the state and beyond to create a conservation community and pragmatic, enduring solutions for Idaho’s environment.

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The Problem
Our Heroine's Journey Begins
The challenges of conservation work are just as diverse and varied as the landscapes that ICL works to protect. ICL’s work is organized into seven initiatives: protecting Idaho’s public lands, restoring abundance and diversity of Idaho’s wildlife, recovering Idaho’s wild salmon and steelhead, restoring the Snake River across Southern Idaho, safeguarding North Idaho lakes and waters, reducing pollution and Idaho, and confronting climate change in Idaho.

The goal of ICL’s climate work is to make Idaho carbon neutral by eliminating Idaho’s reliance on fossil fuels. Part of that work focuses on the electrification of Idaho’s transportation systems. For ICL, electrification efforts for Idaho started within the organization—with the purchasing of an electric vehicle (EV) fleet and installation of charging infrastructure at their Boise office.

ICL is working to incentivize being an EV owner in Idaho, but the process of electrifying their own transportation system highlighted many of the issues EV owners in Idaho have faced—and the importance of breaking down these barriers to ensure a wider adoption of EVs.

One such challenge was highlighted by Erin, ICL’s office manager in Boise. Erin shared her experience with the charging infrastructure that powered their fleet of electric vehicles.
The Challenges to Overcome

Before adopting the current solution, Idaho Conservation League faced a multitude of issues:

Short lived equipment: The first charging station that ICL purchased lasted less than 5 years, and the organization needed to find an affordable replacement when it broke down.

Pricing: The pricing proposed by their existing charging station vendor for a replacement was too expensive and offered limited software features.

Limited flexibility: The charging station is located in a prime location with high traffic volume, which resulted in public drivers taking up the non-profit’s limited parking space during business hours. ICL wanted a charging solution that could be password-protected during business hours to ensure staff could come to work seamlessly.

The Solution
Erin consulted B2B partner to procure a Cyber EV CSE1 OCPP-compliant EV charging station with a maximum amperage of 48amps powered by the Epic Charging network. This solution offered reliable and affordable EV charging that was compatible with Idaho Conservation League’s specific needs.

The decision to choose this epic team was based on several key factors:

Mission Alignment: The company’s commitment to sustainability and positive employee experiences, as evident from employee reviews on Glassdoor, resonated with the Idaho Conservation League’s values.

The Right Use Case: Using Epic Charging software, Erin is now able to offer a charging solution for local residents outside of business hours and weekends while password-protecting her new charger to prevent unauthorized use during business hours. She can even see the battery state of charge of her electric fleet.

Customer Service Excellence: Unlike competitors, this epic team boasted excellent customer service, with real people available for assistance and prompt resolution on any issues.

The Results

Our Heroine's Resolve Pays off

The Idaho Conservation League installed a wall-mounted CSE1 Level-2 EV charging station with Epic Pro software. With these charging stations, Erin solved a problem for her electric vehicle fleet and created a new revenue source for the non-profit by keeping the charging station open to local residents outside of business hours. Pleased with her decision, Erin shared her thoughts on the experience:

Your customer service is fabulous. Everyone I’ve spoken to, Nick and Adrian, are awesome people. You follow up with me, and that’s great. Other charging companies never did that.

With the Cyber EV CSE1 powered by Epic Pro software, Idaho Conservation League experienced:

Faster Charging: The new charging station proved to be faster than the previous one, so much so that it caught the attention of ICL’s executive director as he was charging one of the electric fleet vehicles.

Smooth Installation: The installation process was efficient, causing minimal disruption at the office.

User-Friendly Interface: Erin appreciated the simplicity of Epic Charging’s interface, finding it easier to understand than the previous solution.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

Summing up her experience, Erin enthusiastically stated:

Your interface is a lot easier to understand than what we used to have. If there’s one word I could use to describe my experience with you, it would be: Fantastic.

On a scale of one to ten, Erin rated the Cyber EV CSE1 charging solution powered by Epic Charging as a perfect 10 and expressed no hesitation in recommending this solution to others. As the Idaho Conservation League continues its vital work, this epic team has proven to be reliable, providing sustainable and efficient solutions. The journey from challenges to solutions exemplifies the power of collaboration in preserving the natural beauty of Idaho.

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