City of Palo Alto - EV Charging Case Study

Find out why the City of Palo Alto made an Epic choice
to power the City's fleet
The City of Palo Alto faced a critical challenge when its exsiting charging stations became inoperable after receiving a software upgrade.

Unhappy with the customer service and uptime rates, the Facilities Department urgently needed to replace the charging infrastructure to avoid service interruptions for its fleet of electric vehicles.

Our B2B partner consulted to install Cyber EV CSE1 commercial Level-2 EV charging stations powered by the Epic Charging Network. This solution offered reliable and affordable EV charging stations with critical functionalities tailored for the City's fleet including easy RFID activations, load management, charging schedules, automated LCFS credit monetization, and the ability to implement workplace charging without requiring new app downloads.

The City of Palo Alto was able to quickly replace its existing charging stations and keep the fleet in operation. "You checked all the boxes and were so responsive. Your chargers were also very easy to install and the EV charging software network came online right away. It's a really easy user interface", said the Facilities Manager at the City of Palo Alto.
The City of Palo Alto replaced its existing wall mounted commercial Level-2 EV charging stations in record time, it took less than 3 weeks from the moment the City placed its order. More importantly, the City was able to purchase affordable EV charging stations and save thousands of dollars compared to alternative solutions in the market. The fleet operators can also use RFID cards assigned to each vehicle to initiate a charging session.

On a scale of one to ten, the Facilities Manager at the City of Palo Alto rated the Cyber EV CSE1 charging solution integrated with the Epic Network as a perfect 10, highlighting the companies' commitment to great customer service, a high-quality product, and a very cost-efficient solution for municipal fleets. He expressed no hesitation in recommending these charging stations powered by Epic Charging to others considering EV charging solutions.

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