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Epic end of year updates

It's been an exciting year for the team at Epic Charging. Keep reading to see what we accomplished and learn about the exciting promo we're currently running. 

In 2022, our team launched several EV charging solutions and partnered with organizations that help us meet our mission of delivering the most cost effective electric fleet management solutions.

Product Updates

☃️ Hardware-Agnostic Software
The electric fleet of the future faces three competing pain points:
how do you maintain vehicle uptime while managing a mish-mash of vehicles and chargers and minimize electricity costs? 

This year we're proud to have launched an EPIC software platform that enables fleet owners to implement 4 strategies that maximize value
  1. Hardware-agnostic smart charging to reduce electricity costs
  2. Routing and vehicle management to reduce downtime and operating costs
  3. Low Carbon Fuel Standards trading to earn a new revenue stream
  4. Electricity markets integration to earn revenue providing grid services
Our platform has experienced high demand from fleet owners and vehicle manufacturers as well. 

🎅 Affordable and Accessible Chargers 
Our charging hardware received UL and FCC certification in early Q3 2022 which enabled us to establish strategic relationships with some of the top EV charging operators in the country. We became Energy Star certified and joined the OpenADR alliance (which means our chargers are efficient and utilities support our platform).  

We also became an approved vendor for some of the largest EV charging funding programs across the US - an achievement that validates our credibility in the market and improves the affordability of our EV charging solutions. 

If you're in the market for EV charging solutions, please don't hesitate to book a meeting with us and we'll help you apply for rebates on your EPIC chargers. 

Coming Soon (Q1-2023)

❄️ EV Take-Home Fleets
Several fleet operators identified take-home vehicles as a barrier to electrification. Hence, our EPIC software will soon integrate driving data with new reporting and expense management to reimburse employees who charge at home.

🏝️ Easy Peasy Payments
Nobody likes to download ten different apps to power their EV, but building owners told us they need a way to charge for electricity. Thus, we will eliminate EV charging headaches: any payment method, no app and no registration, 1 minute to pay.

🎁 Site Load Management
As mentioned above, we are now working with some of the top EV charging operators in the US. These clients rely on sophisticated demand management software to avoid demand charges. Our new software upgrades will improve the ability for EV charging owners to balance building and EV charging loads.

Free EV Charging Software

If you're a fleet operator with a wide mix of electric vehicles and chargers, you're likely experiencing energy management headaches. Sign up for your promo code before the end of 2022 and you'll receive a free (no strings attached) 1 year EPIC charging license. Promo code link: