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Epic Charging Partners with Evolectric to elevate EV fleet experience

Most fleet managers have two big problems in mind: ‘how do I keep my fleet running without interruptions?’ and, ‘when is the right time to replace our existing vehicles?’ In this article we’ll talk about how fleet managers reduce service interruptions with electric vehicles and why we signed an MOU with Evolectric to create an end to end solution for fleet owners who need to replace existing vehicles.

Reducing service interruptions

To keep an electric fleet running without interruptions, fleet owners need to be able to access information about their vehicle’s batteries, electric chargers, and more. For example, fleet managers need to be conscious about their electric vehicle’s battery state of charge to ensure they assign vehicles to driving routes that are within the available electric mile range. Sending drivers out without enough battery charge could result in stranded vehicles and business interruptions. 

Our team at Epic understood how important it was to create a solution that made it possible for fleet managers to access all the information they need in one place, but we also knew that fleet managers needed the flexibility to choose different hardware vendors. This is why we created a hardware agnostic software platform that can be integrated with any vehicle manufacturer and charging infrastructure supplier. Our system is designed to make it simple and feasible for fleet owners to manage their electric fleet in real time. 

Switching to electric vehicles improves the reliability of a fleet because there are fewer unscheduled maintenance issues (electric motors and batteries have fewer moving pieces that can break compared to gas and diesel engines). Once a fleet manager has the necessary tools to effectively manage its electric vehicles, his organization benefits tremendously from a reduction in fuel costs and lower maintenance costs. The next question is when to electrify.

Replacing existing vehicles

The second important question that fleet managers ask themselves is when to replace the organization’s existing vehicles. Medium and Heavy duty vehicles can put a lot of wear and tear on their diesel engine powertrains and often require expensive maintenance and repairs after a few years of use. Fleet managers in the past had to choose between two difficult options: repair or replace. 

Thankfully, our partners at Evolectric have created a new option for fleet owners: repower. Evolectric is an organization that specializes in electric vehicle technologies. They offer service package bundles that include new and repowered electric vehicles as well as charging infrastructure and vehicle financing. Evolectric allows fleet owners to convert old diesel trucks into fully electric vehicles that are optimized to extend vehicle life and reduce cost of operations. 

We are taking existing commercial vehicles already operating within and around our cities and renewing their life as 100% electric. Our approach and technology reduces emissions and waste while accelerating adoption of zero emission vehicles.” - says Jakson Alvarez, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Evolectric. 

The partnership between Evolectric and EPIC charging, provides fleet owners with a fully integrated vehicle-and-charging solution to increase the value from electric vehicle adoption. For example, the Evolectric conversion pictured above includes a 105kWh battery which is a perfect candidate for EPIC’s low cost 80 amp charger bundle and can provide thousands of dollars in added revenues from LCFS credit trading. Partnering with Evolectric ensures that fleet owners who buy their products can effectively implement 4 strategies to save money and create revenue from fleet electrification.

Our companies are on a mission to advance electrification by making it possible for fleet owners to repower and replace their existing fleet with electric vehicles that reduce service interruptions and improve the financial bottom line.

About Evolectric

Evolectric is a California-based company specializing in electrified transportation and battery technologies. Evolectric’s offerings encompass purpose-built vehicle and battery solutions that advance global e-mobility through rapid prototyping and standardized products. Evolectric offers packages that include financing, installation, and maintenance.

About EPIC charging

Our team at Epic Charging is committed to helping fleet owners create value for their organization by offering simple and cost-effective solutions that make it possible to capture value from electric vehicles. We help fleet owners improve their operations and reduce total costs by offering: 
  • EV charger scheduling - to charge vehicles when electricity is cheapest
  • Battery state of charge limits - to ensure vehicles have the longest battery life possible
  • LCFS incentive trading - to make money by capturing credits that are free for electric fleet owners and selling them on the carbon credits market
  • Grid services - to get paid by electric utilities by providing an added service without affecting your fleet’s operating cycle

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