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App-free charging gives you freedom

Did you know that there are over 30 EV charging networks in the US? As an EV driver, this means that you will need to download waaay too many apps, just to get around town.
Introducing app-free EV charging

After speaking with countless EV drivers and EV charging station owners, our team realized that consumers really needed a payment solution similar to the current gas station model. When you pull up to a gas station, you pay with your credit card and it is a very quick transaction. You may choose to swipe your loyalty points card but it's your choice.

In the EV world, the experience is different. When you want to plug into a public charger, you often have to download an app from an EV network provider, set up an account, load a balance, and eventually start a charging session. This approach can be frustrating for consumers and results in lower charger utilization (fewer transactions from public users).

To download an app or not to download an app?

The Team at EPIC charging felt strongly that EV drivers and EV charging station owners should get the freedom of final choice. That's why we're excited to announce our app-free payments feature that makes EV charging as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Choice matters

With our new app-free payments system, EV drivers can choose to download an app or they can activate a charging session in less than 30 seconds without an app. This powerful choice makes public charging more accessible for any consumer.

Property owners increase revenues by making public chargers more accessible to the community.
Fleet owners benefit by offering a two tier system with separate pricing for fleet vehicles and the general public.

Check out our demo to see how simple and elegant this new feature is.
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