Epic Charging Partners with Evolectric to provide end to provide an end to end fleet electrification experience.

Epic Charging and Evolectric has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to create an end to end experience for the fleet owners seeking to electrify their operations.

The partnership between Evolectric and Epic Charging, provides fleet owners with a fully integrated vehicle-and-charging solution to increase the value from electric vehicle adoption. For example, the Evolectric conversion pictured above includes a 105kWh battery which is a perfect candidate for EPIC’s low cost 80 amp charger bundle and can provide thousands of dollars in added revenues from LCFS credit trading. Partnering with Evolectric ensures that fleet owners who buy their products can effectively implement 4 strategies to save money and create revenue from fleet electrification.

Evolectric have created a new option for fleet owners: repower. Evolectric is an organization that specializes in electric vehicle technologies. They offer service package bundles that include new and repowered electric vehicles as well as charging infrastructure and vehicle financing. Evolectric allows fleet owners to convert their old diesel trucks into fully electric vehicles that are optimized to extend vehicle life and reduce cost of operations.

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