Epic Charging CEO delivers key insights on recent self-driving vehicle ban


[Redwood City, Nov 11, 2023] - Epic Charging is pleased to announce that our CEO, Dr. Michael Bakunin, recently shared invaluable insights during an interview with a New York based news agency, shedding light on the intriguing landscape of self-driving vehicles. Dr. Bakunin's extensive experience leading the autonomous driving program at the renowned Renault Nissan Alliance brings a unique perspective to this evolving technology.

Earlier this week, the California DMV suspended the driverless vehicle operations from Cruise, a subsidiary owned by General Motors. The recent ban on Cruise self-driving cars in San Francisco (as reported on WIRED, Financial Times, and other channels) is a significant industry event and signals the importance of creating open eMobility software ecosystems that make it possible to troubleshoot problems more effectively.

One of the central challenges in self-driving technology, as articulated by Dr. Bakunin, is the vast array of issues these vehicles can encounter on the streets. "It's very challenging to create software systems that can simulate and solve over 99% of all problems that can happen while driving," he explained. This presents a formidable task in achieving the ultimate goal: to create self-driving systems that are dozens of times safer than human driving.

"When you look at California DMV traffic data, Cruise offers a top service in the Robotaxi based on the number of disengagements," noted Dr. Bakunin. However, this suspension highlights the importance of communicating openly with agencies and operators about the way self-driving systems operate. There is a growing need for eMobility software ecosystems that are open and accessible.

Epic Charging, a pioneering force in the electric transportation ecosystem, remains committed to shaping the future of transportation through open software ecosystems, ushering in a new era of electrified and autonomous mobility.

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