Epic Charging appoints Ian Vishnevsky as COO and CFO

Epic Charging appoints Ian Vishnevsky as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Belmont, California - May 3, 2024. Epic Charging, the only EV charging software company providing an epic customer experience, announced that Ian Vishnevsky has joined as COO and CFO.

Epic Charging has been a leader in redefining the customer experience for distributors, developers, charge point operators, and EV drivers. Our core belief, that we all deserve an epic charging experience, drives the company's unwavering commitment to developing exceptional software, providing a flexible and future-proof technology platform, and delivering unmatched customer satisfaction.

"Our company's state-of-the-art SaaS B2B software platform is now integrated with more than 70 brands of EV chargers and operates hundreds of charging stations across the US and Canada", said Michael Bakunin, CEO. "Under Ian's leadership we expect to deliver more value to our B2B customers and in turn significantly accelerate the number of charging stations operating with our software".

Ian Vishnevsky, who co-founded the largest privately owned EV charge point operator (CPO) in the West Coast, is an exceptionally talented leader in the EV charging industry. Under his leadership as the COO and CFO of EVCS, Ian raised and helped the organization secure over $200 million dollars in equity, debt, rebates, and grants to build one of the top EV charging networks in the USA.

Throughout his career, Ian Vishnevsky has held key finance, accounting, and operational roles in a variety of companies, ranging from startups such as Machinima to Fortune 500 corporations including Toyota, Amgen, Disney, Fox, and AT&T. He also co-founded a number of other companies, including Treasure Entertainment, a respected production and artist management company, and Royal Rehearsal, one of the largest and top-rated recording and rehearsal studio companies in Los Angeles.

"Transitioning to electric vehicles is hard, but it is absolutely worth the effort. Joining Epic Charging for me represents a continuation of this journey and mission" said Ian. "The team at Epic Charging is extremely talented and driven which shows in the technology they've built, and the glowing testimonials that reflect just how deeply the product resonates with their customers. Moving forward, we will execute key growth strategies to ensure that more customers have access to the epic charging experience, thereby enhancing the reliability and user-friendliness of the EV charging ecosystem."

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