Epic Charging and L-Charge complete OCPP 2.0.1 certification to deploy grid-independent fleet charging

Belmont, California - May 17, 2024. Epic Charging, the only EV charging software company providing an epic customer experience, announced that it had completed an OCPP 2.0.1 certification with L-Charge.

Epic Charging has been a leader in redefining the customer experience for charging station operators, and L-Charge provides grid-independent mobile charging solutions for fleets. Together they have developed an ideal solution for fleet operators, logistics companies, and organizations that need to deploy high power charging in locations with insufficient local power capacity.

“We are excited to demonstrate the value of our Charge-as-a-Service model that provides electric fleet operators with access to our diverse product range, supplying movable charging stations capable of delivering over 180kW of power, with no capital investment required”, said Dmitry Lashin, CEO of L-Charge. “We made the strategic decision to deploy OCPP 2.0.1 to demonstrate our technological innovation in the EV charging space and our commitment to deploying the best solutions for our customers”.

OCPP 2.0.1 brings a host of advancements over the older 1.6 version, including enhanced cybersecurity, more advanced smart charging features, including energy management systems, and support for ISO 15118 plug and charge, among several other benefits.

“Completing the certification process with L-Charge brings us one step closer to providing an epic experience for every fleet operator in North America”, said Michael Bakunin, CEO of Epic Charging. “Fleet operators can use Epic Charging software to manage their end-to-end charging needs everywhere their drivers charge, including at-home, at their facilities, at public charging stations such as ChargePoint, and now with L-Charge, at remote locations.”

For more information, visit the L-Charge booth at ACT Expo, where Epic Charging representatives will also be available. You can also visit and

About L-Charge

L-Charge has emerged as a pioneer in the EV charging sector, leveraging over two decades of intensive research and development in electricity generation technologies. The company’s offerings are crafted to support a diverse range of stakeholders—including commercial fleet operators, logistics companies, taxi services, landowners, and leasing companies. With the Charge as a Service model, L-Charge provides an ultra-fast turnkey charging solution that is clean, grid independent and requires no capital investment.

About Epic Charging

Epic Charging is the only EV Charging software company that provides an epic customer experience and a technology platform that exceeds expectations in a rapidly evolving industry. We are a Silicon Valley-based, forward-thinking B2B SaaS company on a mission to revolutionize electric transportation. The company's Epic Software Platform is OpenADR certified, compatible with your preferred chargers and vehicles, delivers 99.9% charger uptime, offers one app for fleet, private, and public chargers, and supports payments with app-free or credit card terminal options.

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