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Save money, Save time, Get your charger Now

When small to medium sized fleets choose to buy electric vehicles, they often celebrate their new ability to cut operating costs while getting better transportation. However, the party can end quickly when they realize how expensive it can be to charge those electric vehicles and how long it takes to receive those chargers. 

The team at EPIC charging realized there was a gap in the marketplace for affordable EV chargers that can be delivered quickly. We’ve already discussed how our fleet customers can save over $12,000 when they choose our AC high power chargers so today we’ll talk about fast delivery. 

The electric vehicle charging industry has been around for over 10 years and its technology has gotten increasingly better. Fleet owners today have more hardware options than ever before (all the more reason why your fleet should adopt hardware agnostic software to manage these chargers). While the demand for electric vehicles and EV charging has significantly improved, supply chain issues have made it increasingly difficult to get products into customers hands. Faced with high demand and low supply, EV charging hardware vendors have chosen to prioritize their largest orders first. This decision has made it more difficult for small to medium fleets to receive EV chargers. 

Introducing the EPIC store
As our team looked at options in the market, we realized there was a missing gap in affordability and quick delivery for small to medium sized orders. Therefore, our team created fast AC chargers and completed the rigorous UL certification process to start offering our own reliable and affordable EV charging solution across the US. 
In addition to creating more affordable and reliable charging products, we also decided to make it more efficient for small to medium sized fleets to purchase our chargers. Starting this week, small to medium sized fleet owners can purchase our products online simply by visiting our store

Reach out to our team if you have any questions or if you have any feedback about our new store.