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How to get the most $ value from electrification

Change is hard!

Transitioning to electric vehicles is hard, but it is absolutely worth the effort. The amount of savings fleet operators can realize because of going eclectic is unprecedented. With the new inflation reduction act IRA it is a “once in a generation” chance to save money while making a positive impact for everyone!

When you operate a vehicle fleet the last thing you want is to disturb your operations. Vehicles are the means to a business and not the business itself. The promise of vehicle electrification is to save money and make transportation green! Sounds great, however, when the fleet owner faces the change, she often ends up burning cash instead of realizing savings. In real life you end up with the “Zoo” of vehicles, chargers, installations, contractors, telematics devices, infrastructure providers, utility tariffs, regulations, incentives… all in its own bucket of course! Give me a break!

Can we make it simple? Of course we can! You need a hardware agnostic platform that would maximize the benefits of electrification while taking away the headache of managing the change.

“We’ve started with the simple idea of remote control and smart off peak charging” - says Michael Bakunin, Chairman and co-founder of Epic Charging. “At that point just another software to manage… After less than a year it is now a one stop platform to automate fleet operations and save on electrification.”

Epic Charging is leveraging cloud technology to connect all in one: any charger, vehicle telematics, grid markets and reporting. Simple but powerful UI that automates electrification management and lets fleet managers concentrate on their business needs.

  • Saving off-peak! Remote control and off peak charging autopilot is the core of electric fleet operations. Reliable off-peak charging can save up to 4 times the amount of money that would be spent with the charge-as-needed approach. Epic Charging does off-peak charging with literally 1 button click.

  • Savings on route optimization and predictive maintenance. The next level of savings is coming from doing route optimization. Calculate energy use, predict charging needs and optimize your routing. Optimize energy usage in mi/kWh and ultimately in $/mi. Monitor vehicle maintenance tasks, warranty and insurance.

  • Earn money out of carbon incentives. Epic Charging is demystifying carbon credits. The software creates automated energy usage reports or even takes your credit monetization in “autopilot” mode.
  • Earn money through grid services. Fleet owners can generate revenue simply by not charging vehicles during periods of peak demand on the power grid. In partnership with Leap, Epic enables its customers to integrate their fleets into electricity markets and participate in demand response and other grid services programs that offer incentives for curtailing non-essential energy usage when the grid is strained.

Epic Charging is a hardware agnostic electric fleet and charging management platform developed by the team of seasoned energy, automotive, and digital technology experts. The platform is built for fleets, and infrastructure integrators to help build successful transportation electrification programs. Company also offers software enabled 48, and 80 amp AC chargers to reduce total cost of ownership and start getting electrification benefits from day one. Learn more about Epic Charging at