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Epic summer updates

Our product team was furiously busy releasing new products and features to make EV charging more epic and accessible.

Product Updates

Credit Card Payments
Many clients expressed concerns about meeting new government requirements to offer credit card payments for level 2 public chargers. That's why we launched a new product line that integrates with your existing chargers - you can also view our credit card readers here.

Connect Your Vehicles
I remember a story from a fleet operator who complained about how much time she wasted sitting inside each of her vehicles to check battery state of charge at the end of the day. If this is your life, you can now be happy with all the extra time you will have after enabling our native telematics integration for 200+ electric vehicles.

Epic Charging in Your Hands
We launched the Epic Charging App on the Apple App and Google Play stores 🎉. Our team worked very hard on this app that allows fleet operators and drivers to actively manage their charging, monitor their battery consumption, and more.

Demand Charge Protection
Demand charges are costly. Spiking out of the site capacity for an hour may blow up your monthly electricity bill. With Epic Charging network chargers, our users can now set up maximum site charging load, and the system will automatically make sure the load is not exceeded. Check out this page for more info.

Charger View and Charger Control Sharing
For our customers managing charger infrastructure on multiple sites, we have released charger view and charger control sharing functionality. Now you can group chargers into different sites, and share the view-only access or full-control access with your end clients and site managers individually. Visit this page for more info.

Circuit Sharing and Load Balancing
Site power capacity is a constant problem for many new installations. With Epic Charging, site managers can install 2X more chargers while safely staying within site load specifications. Epic Charging will dynamically adjust the power of L2 charger outputs when connected to the same circuit. Visit this page to learn more.

OpenADR Certification Compliance
OpenADR certification compliance is one of the first requirements for major utility programs around the country. It takes months of development time and significant investment to ensure OpenADR certification and compliance. Epic Charging created an OpenADR proxy service that takes all the complexity away. It now takes a few days to connect to integrate OpenADR Proxy, and your EV charging solution is ready for the certification and implementation of OpenADR communication. Click here to learn more about this certification and how it benefits you.

Let's make your EV charging experience more epic

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