All you need for transportation electrification
Most cost effective hardware.
Most comprehensive #open software
  • Any vehicle
  • Any charger
  • Any payment
Maximize transportation electrification benefits now
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Hardware Agnostic
Platform for
Electric Fleets

The most cost effective electric
fleet management solution
on the market.
Most cost effective charger
on the market
48A / 11.5 kW and 80A / 19.2 kW chargers have an unprecedented cost to value ratio.
  • App-Free payment system for hybrid fleet-public charging
Electric fleet management software
Hardware agnostic electric fleet software that works.
  • Charger management and fleet telematics in one place
  • Smart charging with remote control to avoid peak hours
  • Automated Carbon credit reporting (LCFS)
Energy management, demand response and routing AI
The system will learn fleet operation schedules and adapt charging accordingly to participate in demand bidding markets.
Fleet electrification made easy